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Maharashtra Fencing Association history & progress

Shri Chhatrapati ShivajiMaharaj established the Hindawi Swarajya (Hindu Kingdom) with the help of sword and extended the Maratha Empire. Since ancient times to the nineteenth century, swords were known to us as just a war art. It was during this period that the European countries spread and promoted the use of swordplay as a sport in all over the world by producing the rules, regulations and modern equipments of the sport fencing on swordplay.

On the occasion of the Asian Games held in Iran in 1974, a training camp was organized for experts from different countries of Asia to spread the sport of fencing in Asian countries. The four persons who participated in this event were Mr. Sapudar Raza Zaidi (Uttar Pradesh) Mr. M.D. Parmar (Gujarat) Mr. M. U. Siddiqui (Delhi) and Mr.MadhavKadav (Maharashtra). They started spreading and promoting the fencing game in India with sophisticated training.

Madhav Kadav originated in Nagpur; he overcame infinite difficulties in the early days and worked hard to propagate fencing in Nagpur. Later in Vidarbha region, swordsmen tried to reach every district. During this time, despite the difficulty of sports equipments and lack of coaches, Madhav Kadav started setting up a state tournament by setting up Maharashtra fencing Association and sending Maharashtra team to the national. .

Due to infinite difficulties in the spread and propagation of fencing, this game was restricted to Vidarbha and was always dominated by Nagpur. .

In 1992, Ashok Dudhare, a native of Nashik, came into contact with Madhav Kadav and he started the fencing game in Nashik for the first time outside Vidarbha region. As Ashok Dudhare himself is a sports teacher, he swiftly propagated fencing in Nashik district and conducted state championship in 1992 for the first time outside Vidarbha. Ashok Dudhare supported Madhav Kadav and he decided to promote and disseminate fencing in Maharashtra which was limited to Vidarbha region. .

In 2000, fencing was included in school sports. In 2004, the Maharashtra Olympic Association was approved by the Maharashtra fencing Association and accelerated the propagation and promotion. .

In 2000, Ashok Dudhare took over the post of Secretary of Maharashtra fencing association, and Mumbai's renowned industrialist Mr. Jeh Wadia was elected as a President and Dr. Pandurang Ranmal (Parbhani) As a Treasure. Ashok Dudhare tried his best to reach fencing in all the district of Maharashtra and to the bottom of the field. The national fencing championship was frequently organized by north Indian states. Ashok Dudhare took initiative to conduct national fencing championships in Maharashtra. To date, the Maharashtra fencing Association has successfully organized more than 35 national fencing competitions in various districts of Maharashtra. .

Fencing was played from under the age group of 14, but with the foresight by Ashok Dudhare, competitions of groups under twelve and then under ten were first organized in Maharashtra by Maharashtra fencing Association. Fencing association of India also started under 10 and under 12 national championships. .

Every year, Maharashtra fencing Association is honored with the award of the best district fencing association, which is dedicated to promoting the sportsmen of the national level and internationally acclaimed for their ability to encourage the fighters. Various schemes like these were started by Ashok Dudhare Sir. .

Ashok Dudhare's honest work in fencing of Maharashtra State was supported by all district organizers. .

The Government of Maharashtra has honored Ashok Dudhare with two awards, the highest Shiv Chhatrapati State Sports Award in Maharashtra as a best organizer and the Shiv Chhatrapati State Sports Award for Excellent Sports Guides. Ashok Dudhare has also guided many players, coaches and organizers to get the Shiv Chhatrapati State Sports Award. .

In 2014, Prakash Katole (Solapur), as a President, International fencer Dr. UdayDongare (Aurangabad) as a secretary and Shri Rajkumar Somvanshi (Osmanabad) as a treasurer of the Maharashtra fencing Association, were elected unopposed. .

Fencing game spread and propagates in Maharashtra since 1974. The sport was spreading in Maharashtra but due to the scarcity of modern sports equipment, there were no matcheson electronic apparatus.Dr. Uday Dongre worked to give a precise and proper direction to the spread of fencing game. Shivchhatrapati award winner Dr. Uday Dongare planned to give Expensive electronic apparatus to District association in half price, Maharashtra fencing association financial assist for half price. Till date district associations gave good response to this scheme 9 district associations received electronic apparatus. Maharashtra fencing association have 2 electronic apparatus of cost 4,25,000/- and 3 aluminum pist cost of Rs. 7,50,000/- purchase itself.Due to this, the State of Maharashtra has always been at the forefront in organizing national competitions and all the state level competitions on electronic basis. .

Shiv Chhatrapati State Sports Award is a highest and most prestigious sports award in Maharashtra given by government of Maharashtra to the sports sector. In fencing, 29 players are honored including four coaches and 14 organizers by this Sports Award.A female organizer honored by Jijamata State Sports Award as well. The district sports council also honored by best district player, best district coach and best district organizer including all sports in district. Fencing is dominating in all sports, 64 players, 21 coaches and 20 organizers honored by district awards in Maharashtra. This is good sign of success in fencing sports in Maharashtra state. .

The subject of fencing was included in the Sports Authority of India at Aurangabad. Dr. Uday Dongare initiative with Shri Virendra Bhandarkar and also continuous follow-up, it was in the year 2015 the fencing included in Sports Authority of India, Western Regional Center, Aurangabad. This is a mile stone for fencing, as fencing included in SAI good coaches and enough infrastructures is available in Aurangabad and good results are seen at national and international levels. .

The fencing is introduced at the school and university level, but the sports festival of Inter university competition had only five games in which fencing was not included. This krida Mahotsav was organized under the patronage Hon. Governor of Maharashtra. Dr. Uday Dongare was the sports director in charge of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University was also organized 18thKridaMAhotsav in 2014. Dr. Uday Dongare, followed the proceedings and with successful pursuit of Raj Bhavan under the guidance of Prof. B. A. Chopade, the Vice-Chancellor of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, incorporated fencing into the 18thKridaMahotsav of 2014 as the sixth sport in the Inter University competition. .

Maharashtra fencing is doing well in updating the record of state tournaments along with the promotion of fencing in grass rout level. Proficiency certificates were secured with a barcode and QR code on behalf of the Maharashtra fencing Association to ensure more security.Now the sports department of the Government of Maharashtra has directed all other state organizations to distribute the secured certification proficiency to their meritorious players. .

An entry for the state tournaments has been made online and organization has updated the state tournament records. The trainers who completed the NIS training course received financial support from the state organization, so that a total of fifty trainers from several districts of Maharashtra have successfully completed the NIS training course. A number of schemes that contribute to the development of such good swords are being successfully implemented by the Maharashtra fencing Association. .

Along with this, the players from Maharashtra are making their place in the top three in national competitions. Maharashtra has its place along with other teams. Maharashtra fencing is setting an emerging trend as a result of collective work of all the officers of Maharashtra fencing, office bearers of district associations, coaches, sports instructors, players, parents and administration officials. Maharashtra fencing association's mission is to ensureand plan winning medals in Asian as well as Olympic events. .