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About Maharashtra Fencing Association

Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj established Swaraj (Own Kingdom) in the country using his sword and wrote the glorious history of the Marathas in golden words. But in the meantime European countries gave the appearance of a sword fighting skill. Sword fighting game is known as fencing in worldwide.

Fencing came to India in 1974 with modern rules and modern equipments. The game also started in Maharashtra during this period. In the early days, the task of spreading and propagating the sword in Maharashtra began to overcome many obstacles.

Fencing is being played in all the districts of Maharashtra today and Maharashtra fencing association has more than fifteen thousand registered players. Maharashtra isranking first in the country as the most widely circulated and propagated state of fencing. On behalf of Maharashtra fencing Association, state tournaments are organized every year in under ten years, under twelve, under 14, under 17, under 20, under 23, senior age categories and Federation Cup.

Shiv Chhatrapati State Sports Award is a highest and most prestigious sports award in Maharashtra given by government of Maharashtra to the sports sector. In the fencing, 29 players are honored with four coaches and 14 organizers by Shiv Chhatrapati State Sports Award and one female organizerhonored by Jijamata State Sports Award.

Maharashtra fencers have excelled in recent times both nationally and internationally. Every year, fencers achieve approximately 80 to 90 medals in national levels in almost all groups. Approximately 10 to 15 Maharashtra fencers representing India in international events every year.

On behalf of Maharashtra fencing Association, financial assistance has been given to the coaches who complete the NIS training course, financially backing to the district association to buy electronic apparatus, felicitate to fencers and coaches who excel at the national and international level by excellent award. And many more innovative practices to motivate the fencers, coaches and district organizers run by Maharashtra fencing association.

The Maharashtra Fencing Association aims to spread the sport of fencing to the grassroots in the countryside and to create international, Asian and Olympic-level players.